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Principal’s Message – August 23, 2019

Muir Community,

What a great first week had with students. We were so excited to see everyone after summer and meet some new friends too! Please see below for important information coming up in the Muir community.


We use Twitter to share and celebrate the wonderful things happening at Muir. The following staff members have Twitter pages. Please follow our Muir page @WeAreMuir54.

Carolyn Allar-Principal-@carolyn_allar

Cory Burke-Assistant Principal-@cory_burke4

Sabrina Chhabra-Kindergarten Teacher-@MrsChhabraMuir

Laura Malewig-Kindergarten Teacher-@MMalewig

Anne Salinas-1st Grade Teacher-@MrsSalinas54

Steve Loredo-2nd Grade Teacher-@loredo-mr

Janet Pisterzi-2nd Grade Teacher-@JanetPisterzi

Anthony Laudando-2nd Grade Teacher-@laudando54

Jennifer Sword-3rd Grade Teacher-@MrsSword54Muir

Jody McGuire-3rd Grade Teacher-@MsMcGuireMuir54

Brynn Kathrein-4th Grade Teacher-@MsKathrein

Erin Demars-4th Grade Teacher-@DemarsErin

Traci Reiner-5th Grade Teacher-@MsReinerMuir

Julia Bolotin-5th Grade Teacher-@BolotinJulia

Emilio Saraga-5th Grade Teacher-@Mr_Saraga

Magali Williams-6th Grade Teacher-@williamsmuir54

Jennifer Siemieniec-6th Grade Teacher-@JenniferSiemie1

Wendi McClellan-Math Teacher-@MrsMcClellan54

Karen Starke-Intervention Teacher-@StarkeKaren

Dawn Czajka-Intervention Teacher-@DawnCzajka

Valerie Chang-Intervention Teacher-@MrsChang54

Marisa Schenke-Intervention Teacher-@MarisaSchenke

Celeste Foley-Intervention Teacher-@celestefoley21

Kristin Tzanetopoulos-EL Teacher-@MrsTzan54

Alexie Barba-EL Teacher-@alexiebarba

Amy Syed-Speech and Language Pathologist-@AmySyed2

Colleen Heffernan-Social Worker-@JohnMuirSW

Caitlin Gallagher-Behavior Coach-@MsJohansen54

Janel Lacey-Behavior Coach-@mrslaceysd54

Laura Schramuk-Art Teacher-@MuirART54

Todd Doerpinghaus-Library Resource Teacher-@TDoerpinghaus

Kadyn Walther-Paraprofessional-@MissWalther54

Bilqees Khalil-Paraprofessional-@bilqees1136

Cynthia Christian-Paraprofessional/Breakfast Club Sponsor-@MsCynthia54


MAP Testing

We will begin MAP testing on Monday, August 26th. All grades will take the MAP literacy test next week with math beginning the week of September 3rd.  This is a great way for our staff to get baseline data for each student.


Arrival and Dismissal

Due to the large number of students who walk to and from school each day, we close our parking lot to cars. The parking lot closes each day at 8:20 and reopens at 8:40. In the afternoon, it closes at 2:50 and reopens at 3:10, or until all busses are gone. During those times, we limit cars moving in order to maintain safety. Also, due to the large number of students dismissing at once, we ask that older siblings picking up students for grades 3-6 wait at the gate of the entrance to the parking lot.


Fees Reminder:

You can pay your students fees through your parent portal account.  This includes your $50 consumable fee, optional instructional device insurance (grades 3-8 only), and milk.

If you believe your student will qualify for the Free Lunch Program and therefore will qualify for a fee waiver, do not pay the consumable material fee at this time. Applications for the Free Lunch Program are available online and in the school office.

The consumable fee will increase by $15 if payment is not received by November 15th, $25 if not received by February 1st, and $35 if not received by April 1st.

If you would like to purchase instructional device insurance but do not have the option to do so through your portal, please contact our school office for assistance.  Instructional device insurance must be purchased before the date of device issuance.



Thank you for those who have already joined our PTA! They sponsor several activities within the school and support the students in many ways. Please consider joining! Below is the PTA newsletter.

Falcon Flyer


Support the Foundation at Septemberfest

The District 54 Education Foundation is raising funds for District 54 students over Labor Day weekend at Schaumburg’s Septemberfest. You can support the Foundation by parking your car for $5 at Collins School, 407 S. Summit Drive, Schaumburg, on Saturday and Sunday, August 31 and September 1. Summit is located between Roselle and Plum Grove roads. The Foundation is also participating in Not-for-Profit Day on Monday, Sept. 2, at Septemberfest. Purchase food from our partner, Riccardo’s Ristorante, and the profits will support District 54 students.

The Foundation is committed to ensuring that all District 54 students have the same opportunities by funding breakfast programs for students from financially struggling families to ensure that they begin their day ready to learn, and grants to students from financially struggling families so that they may participate in extracurricular activities.

For more about the Foundation, visit

Apoye a la Fundación durante el festival de septiembre ‘Septemberfest’

La Fundación de Educación del Distrito 54 está recaudando fondos para los estudiantes del Distrito 54 durante el fin de semana del Día del Trabajo en el Festival de Septiembre “Septemberfest”  de Schaumburg. Usted puede apoyar a la Fundación estacionando su auto los sábados y domingos, 31 de agosto y 1 de septiembre por solo $ 5 en la escuela Collins, ubicada en el 407 S. Summit Drive, Schaumburg. La calle Summit está ubicada entre Roselle y Plum Grove.  La Fundación también está participando en un Día “sin fines de lucro” el lunes, 2 de septiembre, durante el “Septemberfest”. Si usted compra ese día una comida de nuestro socio, Riccardo’s Ristorante, las ganancias apoyarán a los estudiantes del Distrito 54.

La Fundación se compromete a asegurar que todos los estudiantes del Distrito 54 tengan las mismas oportunidades financiando programas de desayunos para estudiantes de familias con dificultades financieras para asegurarse de que comienzan su día listos para aprender, y becas a estudiantes de familias con dificultades financieras para que puedan participar en actividades extracurriculares.

Para más información sobre la Fundación, visite la página web


Important Dates

8/26-First Day of School for Kindergarten

8/26-MAP Testing begins

9/2-Labor Day-No School

9/4-Curriculum Night-6:00-7:30

9/10-PTA Meeting @6:00 p.m.


Carolyn Allar                   Cory Burke

Principal                           Assistant Principal