October 30, 2022

Monday, October 31 is our Halloween celebration.   All students are able to come to school with their Halloween costumes on along with hair and make-up done.  In choosing an appropriate costume for your child to wear at school, please adhere to the following guidelines: 

  • No fake blood, gore, scary costumes or costumes depicting violence 
  • No weapons or “look-alikes” of any kind (squirt guns, chains, whips, plastic swords, etc.)
  • Ensure that costumes are appropriate and inoffensive to all ages at our school
  • Be certain that your child can see through any mask or head covering 


We are inviting families to come and enjoy our parade.  We will be parading outside on school grounds.  If you are interested in watching the parade please be at Muir by 1:10. The parade will begin at 1:15.   The parking lot will be closed, so please find a place on the street to park.   


Classroom parties will take place after the parade.  Muir Staff will be running the parties.  As a reminder, there will be no food passed out at the parties.  If you want to sent something in for the class it MUST be a non-edible item and enough for each student in the classroom, otherwise it will be sent home.  Thanks!