Mission & Goals


In order to prepare students for success beyond elementary school, Muir works collaboratively to create a positive culture that supports and enriches student achievement.


Student Learning

As an exemplary school, we recognize the importance of individual student learning and achievement. As a Muir community we will:

  • Ensure that students meet state standards and essential outcomes on IAR, MAP, and common assessments
  • Differentiate instruction to enrich and support student learning
  • Implement best practices of instructional strategies
  • Develop 21st century social, emotional, literacy, numeracy, and technology skills in our students



As an exemplary school, we recognize that collaboration is vital to our success. As a Muir community we will:

  • Communicate effectively among teachers, parents, students, and the community
  • Treat everyone with courtesy, dignity, and respect, while maintaining all necessary confidences
  • Communicate curricular activities across all classes
  • Achieve alignment and consistency within teams and departments
  • Share experiences, ideas, and resources for the benefit of the whole
  • Use best practices to achieve Muir goals


Positive Culture

As an exemplary school, we believe that a positive culture is important in order to facilitate learning and promote the current and future success of our students. As a Muir community we will:

  • Celebrate achievements and accomplishments
  • Believe in every student’s ability to achieve and support that belief with innovative and creative
    policies and practices
  • Maintain an environment conducive to learning through Positive Behavior Intervention Supports
  • Maintain a safe environment
  • Respect diversity within and outside of school



As an exemplary school, we establish positive relationships with families, corporations, and organizations. As a Muir community we will:

  • Increase and continuously improve participation and communication with the community
  • Cultivate productive relationships with families
  • Enrich learning experiences through community involvement and partnerships
  • Demonstrate citizenship through service to the community